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How does your garden grow?

Garden maintenance goes well beyond keeping the hedges trimmed. There are myriad factors above and below the ground to consider, including frost, humidity, infestation. Our careful on-site analysis lets us monitor your garden’s health and growth.

Debris removal, pruning, and fertilization are, of course, the cornerstones of maintenance, but it’s our preventative approach to maintenance that we take pride in: routine inspections for pest and rot control, and continual monitoring of and adjustments to your irrigation system. We guarantee maximum water coverage and minimal waste, nipping any future problems in the bud. To minimize ecological impact, we recycle and compost all debris accordingly.

  • Lawn care
  • Seasonal Pruning
  • Organic fertilization
  • Debris removal
  • Mulching and composting
  • Weekly, biweekly and monthly plans

Licensed & Bonded Contractors
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