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FYGN is a design/build landscaping company

that has been serving the counties of Marin and San Francisco for over ten years.

Its beginning came when Bret de Zordo, then a successful businessman, had a waking moment while tending to his own garden after work: While pleased with his career, his happiest moments were here, soil under his fingernails, shovel underfoot. Bret surveyed the seedlings and blossoms spread before him and came to the life-changing conclusion that this would be his new office.

That’s where the heart and passion of For Your Gardens’ Needs come from. Landscapers by name, gardeners at heart.

Our philosophy begins with sustainability. You have a dream garden in mind; we bring it to fruition in the most ecologically sound manner possible. We eschew chemical fertilizers and pesticides and will show you how organic alternatives are safer and healthier for you and the environment. You’ll be able to walk through your garden barefoot, carefree, and guilt free knowing that you’ve done your part to create a self-sustaining, non-polluting, 100 percent natural garden.

We have a full understanding of the Bay Area’s Mediterranean climate. Its wet winters and dry summers create challenges for your garden, but bountiful possibilities as well. We plant and water according to its cycles to maintain healthy growth and minimum water waste.

We support local nurseries and businesses and encourage our full-cycle program, in which, rather than hauling green waste away, we compost it to re-fertilize your garden — no gas, mess, or worries involved. We participate in the Marin Green Business Program.

Give us a call. We’d be happy to visit and discuss how we can turn your garden into your own personal Eden.

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