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Smart Irrigation Management

Don't waste a drop!

Water – it covers 71% of the earth, makes up 61% of your body weight, and is the essential ingredient in your garden’s life.

The Bay Area is in a drought, so without doubt, proper irrigation is the most vital aspect of garden maintenance. Too little water, and you have withering. Too much, and the soil over saturates, creating wasteful, toxic runoff.

Bay Friendly

Our goal is to make you Bay Friendly with the perfect balance. We are water management experts and are guided by best practices according to the State of California’s Office of Water Use  Efficiency. Learn about these practices from WEL (Water Efficient Landscapes).

We monitor your garden in response to weather and seasonal changes and fine-tune your irrigation system in realtime to  water properly without creating wasteful runoff. By doing so, you’ve just done your part to make sure that no fertilizer runoff enters the bay or soaks into the underground water table. This prevents drinking-water contamination and the slow poisoning of sea life.

Smart Irrigation

We install and monitor smart watering systems to maximize their efficiency and minimize natural breakdown due to time, soil erosion, and weathering.

Smart irrigation watering systems use connected controllers that automate watering schedules and use information about environmental conditions to ensure your plants get the optimum amount of water. Understanding these conditions allows our Wi-Fi irrigation controllers to decide when the time is right to water your garden. Our controllers access more than 100,000 weather stations, and monitors five stations nearest your location.The controller will vary your watering frequency based on actual evaporation and rainfall in your area on a day-to-day basis. Smart water systems take into account the current and forecasted weather, soil moisture, and will only start watering when the environmental conditions are optimal – predictive watering – ensuring you use less precious water. 

On a hot day, more water will be delivered. On cool days, less. And water will be added at the optimum time of the day to reduce evaporation. Timing is everything. 

Smart connected water irrigation systems not only help you to save water, but they save your wallet too.

Let us work with you to tailor the perfect plan to meet your goals and budget.

  • Sprinkler system maintenance and monitoring
  • Drought planning and management
  • Smart Irrigation and sprinkler system installation
  • Watering scheduling

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