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Green Landscaping

Landscaping, Gardening and Landscape Design + Build Using Organic Methods

The peace and well-being that a balanced garden brings should literally reach all the way up from its roots.

Most big-brand name fertilizers and pesticides contain dangerous levels of toxins that ultimately run off or leach into underground water tables and the bay itself. Considering how many lawns and backyards are treated with these harsh chemical agents, it’s not difficult to see how cumulatively toxic they are, harming plant and sea life, and ultimately those who consume them – us.

Needless to say, we choose a saner, organic, more natural approach to make sure your garden is “Bay Friendly.” We take a systematic approach to factoring in slope, soil conditions, lighting, and flora, and consider how these all combine to create an interconnected ecosystem. Our goal is to bring you the garden you’ve always imagined in a manner that’s ecologically sustainable and complimentary to the Bay Area.

That means no unnatural chemicals will be used to treat your garden. Using a concept called Integrated Pest Management, we keep an eye on anything threatening to your garden, be it a weed or a pest. This friendly, sustainable defense technique uses organically derived pest controls, such as pyrethrum, a concentrate of the chrysanthemum flower, and the use of predatory insects, such as ladybugs, which thrive on nuisances such as the aphid. Amazing results. No poisons.

We are a water efficient landscape company recognized by the Marin Municipal Water Department for our conservation efforts. We’ll design a water-delivery system that will keep your garden watered without creating wasteful runoff. Again, it does wonders for our environment and, closer to home, saves you unwanted large water bills. It’s a smart investment any way you look at it.

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