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Winter Brings
Wild Weather Swings.

The Bay Area forecast for Winter into Spring is all over the map. As November and December were wet once again, there are several indicators we are cycling into another dry spell. While not as severe as an El Nino (wet) or La Nina (dry) cycle, several smaller fluctuations are at play to lead us into either a super wet or very dry season. What this means for your garden is be prepared for anything. Be ready to save your topsoil from over-saturation while still being nimble enough to sweat out an upcoming dry period. Sound difficult? Don’t worry. We are here to help your garden maintain its equilibrium through California’s wild weather swings.


Landscapers serving San Francisco and Marin County, our friendly, professional staff and organic sustainable approach to design, installation and maintenance have satisfied our clients for over fifteen years. We’d be delighted to visit with you and discuss how our environmentally sound approach to landscaping can bring you the green garden you’ve always imagined, simply and beautifully.

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