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We do the dirty work. A full-service landscape and design firm

We provide the following installation services:


Lawns, trees, shrubs, annuals, perennials, native and exotic plants, restorative gardening, or wetland restoration. We have a diverse knowledge of what plants work best in your location, and would be happy to help you plan and plant the flora best suited to what you have in mind.

Irrigation Systems:

Whether you need underground sprinklers or an aboveground drip system, we can easily and attractively install and maintain your system so that your plants are always watered and healthy.

Drainage and Erosion Control:

Drainage and erosion control are the cornerstones of a healthy garden. If you are having any water retention or flooding issues, you need to consider proper drainage. Excess water causes oversaturation and topsoil loss. In each situation, we correct slope and drainage issues by diverting water from the problem area using straw wattle and French drains. We always work according to local municipal codes to prevent any future issues with the home’s sale or neighbor complaints.

Masonry and Stonework:

Concrete patios, meandering slab paths, decorative rock formations; our expertise ensures that it’s done right the first time, flattering your garden, not flattening it.

Carpentry and Water Features:

Whether for practical or atmospheric reasons, we build fences, benches, decks, and trellises. Perfect for providing shade and enhancing social and pool areas. We also create bio-diverse ponds, fountains, reflecting pools, and anything else that requires dirty fingernails and elbow grease.


Pick and shovel work. If you’re looking to excavate or change the terrain of your garden we can remove and haul it away for you.

Licensed & Bonded Contractors
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