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California Today: Use Less Water, Pay Higher Bills

Californians cut back on water usage faced with temporary bill surcharges meant to discourage usage. Consumers and businesses responded by reducing water consumption 22 percent. The end result will be higher rates. The New York Times has an in-depth look how we will be effected for doing the right thing.

We always consider water to be a precious resource and do all we can to conserve. We offer many drought resistant solutions for having a beautiful green yard and saving water. We also have years of experience designing and building efficient irrigation systems that will prepare you for drought or rain.

Designing a Garden of Tranquillity

Life is hectic and full of unknowns, as we all know. Especially for anyone who is a parent! Sometimes it’s nice to kick back in a garden chair with a good book and a cup of coffee to let the stressors of the day slowly melt away.

Sunset Magazine did a fantastic write up of How to Design a Garden of Tranquillity, and it offers some tips taken from Traditional Japanese Gardening techniques on how to build your own peaceful space. If you’re looking for help on the design and the building, please call For Your Garden’s Needs!


The Drought is Getting Worse

It’s no mystery that we are in the midst of one of the most serious droughts that California has ever experienced. 81% of the state is now categorized in extreme drought or even worse than that. 3 months ago, that number was 68%.

This article from the LA Times conveys shocking information on the state of the drought, and photos that we should all take a few minutes to look at.


Designing a Water-Wise Garden

These days more than ever, it is important to save water in every way that we can. Since our gardens are a major source of water usage, we should make sure that what we plant will have a low impact on the environment.

Check out this Water-Wise Garden Design guide by Sunset Magazine to get some tips and insights on what to plant in your area to conserve water. If we work together, our impact will be huge!


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