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A welcomed
very wet spring.

Our reservoirs are full and our hillsides are a beautiful green. What does all this wetness mean for your property? Your trees are loving this! Some with buds might have an issue with heavy rain and wind. We should also get our gloves and boots on to keep weeds and snails at bay. Try to minimize traffic on wet lawns and look out for any irrigation issues like standing water, clogged drainage and pooling water. Please call or email if you need any help with issues like these. It won't be long till we start to see sunny days and an explosion of wildflowers.


Landscapers serving San Francisco and Marin County, our friendly, professional staff and organic sustainable approach to design, installation and maintenance have satisfied our clients for over fifteen years. We’d be delighted to visit with you and discuss how our environmentally sound approach to landscaping can bring you the green garden you’ve always imagined, simply and beautifully.

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